Maryam Crogman

I'm a child of a very crafty mom, and a guitarist dad. Creativity has been a family affair. I went to art school as a teenager, but life just took over, and I kept my love for the arts on the back burner.

When I landed in the US, a series of events, a whole new set of critical experiences, and the constant encouragement of my husband brought me back to my first love of arts and creating.

Through the community of like-minded dreamers, L’Expression Creative Studios was born, building an art hub that is also a community family spot, where all can come and express, in a space where they feel represented, recognized and empowered.

As a teacher and creative, I look forward to teach you what I know, and also to discover with you what you didn't know you had inside! Even if you do not think yourself as a skilled creative person! C'mon! You know you want to try 🤗 – check in for our classes, events, and parties.




L’Expression Creative Studios was created in 2020 out of a desire to see more cultural representation in the paint party industry. We promote and teach about ethnic art culture and history through all of our paint parties and classes.

We are a hybrid paint and sip and art teaching space where folks come to have fun with friends in the community, a space to learn real technique and artistic methods with out the price tag of official art schools.

 We meet, have fun and learn art in an ethnically diverse, and expert environment.




Being Paris born, Caribbean raised, California married has resulted in the amassing of a rich vault of culture, context, and curation which I utilize to serve my clientele in the areas of branding, web design, and online marketing. I help them make their way through the muck of the mundane to the point where they majestically stand out from the masses and get their intended message across to their ideal tribe.

My husband affectionately says that I “style the style” and "package the gold in a golden box". The meaning behind this is that often times creators and brands have offerings that are truly beautiful but they are presented online in a way that's blah or worse barf, this is the preverbal plain old brown lunch sack holding 24k gold. Instead I take their beautiful offerings and present them in a way that breathtaking.

I'm also a mother of 3 little angels and work along side my husband who is the creative director of MBARQGO, a brand that produces adventure accoutrements that lean towards the luxe and legendary.

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